For as long as I remember, hair has been a huge part of my life. As a child, I grew up as one of few black girls in Hong Kong, and it’s safe to say I struggled with gaining access to good quality hair. Thankfully, I’m blessed to have a mother who was the only specialized black hairdresser in Hong Kong,I remember watching her intently as she transformed women's confidence on a daily basis.

 As I grew older and became used to wearing weaves I was on the mission to finding the best quality hair for myself. Fast-forward a few years and I began traveling the world at 19. Equipped with six languages under my belt (Yes I speak Chinese!) I went on a mission across the globe exploring and searching for the best hair products and suppliers.

To date, I’ve tried and used over 50 different hair extensions in the search for perfection; and I’m pleased to say after countless adventures, trails and errors that I’ve finally found the perfect quality hair. When I finally moved to Europe all my new friends, and soon friends of friends, started to notice the extensions I was wearing and that's when I realised that many were having the same issues as I had. Hence Miss Tako Hair was conceived by resolving my own issues.

So long story short — today I stand with confidence and pride as i’ve truly turned a passion into a brand and  full time business.

 Every hairdo has a story. When you shop at Miss Tako just know that we put our hearts and greatest effort into making sure you can see our hair story. With our silky soft hair, delicate waves, bouncy curls and easy clip ons. 

 P.S: We Ship Worldwide! Stay Fabulous and Happy Shopping!